Testimonies for Epiphany: Mentoring Pastors in the Philippines and Beyond – Herman Moldez

17 January 2015

Dear All Saints Church,

At the start of this year God has spoken to me on Isaiah 43:19, “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.” What is there to expect in a wasteland? It is not a place to see the work of the Lord. But God has spoken that it is in the desert that God will let the streams of his presence be seen. I  need to patiently look for the new thing that He will do. Pray for the discipline of noticing God’s work in the dry places of mentoring.

The Peer Mentoring Group among the pastors (almost 5,000 meet every month) continues on. I have written a study material based on Leaders Covenant of MentorLink International. Pray that I may finish the last three lessons soon. MentorLink is considering sharing this resource with the international fellowship of MentorLink.

This year, I have another opportunity to develop spiritual mentoring among the 500 staff of International Care Ministries. One area is to integrate spiritual direction in guiding them to live and lead like Jesus. Pray that I will be able to find pastors who will work with me to come alongside these staff–to listen, deepen their insight in the Word of God, be present, and pray with them. I am also writing a weekly resource used for spiritual mentoring conversation. Pray for freshness of heart and insights from the Holy Spirit to let the resources speak to the heart.

In relation to the Philippine Council Evangelical Churches, I am now designated as Mentor At-large in our work with the pastors. Pray that in each of the 14 regions our leaders will be faithful in mentoring their fellow pastors. Pastors are busy. It requires commitment to continue in their mentoring one another.

Often times I wonder: what is the impact of my mentoring ministry? After each mentoring seminar event, participants move on to return to their own ministry. It is like scattering seed and trusting God to let it grow. How wonderful it is when some of them come back to me and share what has happened.

I met Felicidad last Thursday, and she shared: “For 40 years I was do, do, do in my ministry. But since I have been involved in peer mentoring relationships and reading your material, the Lord rebuked me. I spend more time now in being with the Lord and listening with people to guide them to follow Jesus.” Mentoring is like a stream that waters her dry spirit.

I am praying to return to Vietnam again. One of my mentees has been seeking my help to guide him in another training event as he rebuilds new work among the younger leaders. As the Lord provides, I hope to visit them in October 2015 and develop new mentoring training for their new leaders.

Thank you very much for your partnership.

Herman Moldez

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