All Saints Stewardship Reminder

2015 Pledge Card_Electronic
2015 Ministry Commitment Pledge

Dear Members of All Saints Church,

As we enter this advent season, with joy and anticipation we look forward to celebrating together the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

In many ways this has been a pivotal year for All Saints Church. With the dramatic changes that occurred in 2013, there were those who wondered how our church could survive this difficult season. But survive we did! Average attendance is now 209, almost at the level it was at the start of 2013, and there is rich worship, deeper community, and exciting ministry at the heart of the church! Though we set a challenging budget of $459,842 for 2014 (including for the first time a specific budget item for saving for a future building), we have already received $362,843 –  that is 79% of our full year’s budget. Most excitingly, we rejoice in Thomas Kortus becoming our new permanent rector, backed by new leadership in ministry coordination, worship, and children’s programs!

For the vestry, this is also a time when we close out the finances for the year and begin the process of putting together the budget for the coming year. We want to encourage you to continue giving faithfully and fulfill your financial pledges to the church in the remainder of 2014. Many of us make special donations this time of the year, and we want to encourage you, as you do so, to consider including All Saints Church. It would be a tremendous encouragement to begin the new year having fully met this year’s budget.

For those of you who have not done so already, we ask you to please fill out and return your 2015 Financial Pledge Card and Ministry Commitment Brochure this coming Sunday. This is critical for us to know how to set the budget and programs for the coming year. Our goal is for everyone to participate in the stewardship process. Thus far we have received 39 financial pledge cards, still well short of the 63 cards we received last year. We have also only received 31 Ministry Commitment Brochures.

We realize that not every household is in a season of life when they can contribute 10% of their income to the local church, but we long for all members of the body to be committed and intentionally giving and serving the church with what the Lord has given them. The 2015 Financial Pledge Card and Ministry Commitment Brochure will be included in your worship guide this Sunday for your convenience. These forms are also included in electronic form at the top of this post. Please take the time to fill out these important forms and return them to the offering plate this coming Sunday.

May your upcoming celebration of the birth of our Lord be filled with love and joy.

In Christ,

Mark Harbaugh – Senior Warder

Niel Ransom – Treasurer

The Rev Thomas Kortus – Rector


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