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Children’s Ministry Volunteers Needed!

“Jesus loves the little children…”

                                            and so do we at All Saints Church.  


The Children’s Ministry is committed to nurturing all the children of our church in the Christian faith with the help of dedicated teachers and assistants. We can’t accomplish this important ministry without your help. Please prayerfully consider joining this team of volunteers by teaching or assisting the teachers and group leaders, or by volunteering in the nursery. 

Nursery volunteers and teacher assistants serve once a month and are absolutely necessary for our children’s Ministry! When we baptize children we declare as a church that we will support the parents and disciple the child in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We need about forty nursery assistants and 25 teacher assistants in order to love and serve and disciple our children well. Whether you have children or not please sign up today by emailing Dana Irons ( or Vivi Watkins (! 


If you can’t help on a regular basis, please consider acting as a back-up substitute in case one of the volunteers is unable to serve.  

It is truly a blessing to serve our youngest members and a great way to get to know others in the congregation.  Contact Dana Irons ( or Vivi Watkins ( if you would like more information or are willing to volunteer.  Thank you!

IMG_3579 IMG_3510

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Children’s Ministry Director Opening at All Saints Church

Children’s Ministry Director

Employer: All Saints Church, Durham, NC 


The Children’s Ministry Director will work under the supervision of the Rector and in partnership with pastoral staff and parents to disciple the children of All Saints Church (birth through 5th grade) to know, love, and worship Almighty God.


Develop and implement a compelling and comprehensive vision and strategy for ministry to children (birth through fifth grade) at All Saints Church. This vision should enhance the overall vision of the church. This will include communicating the vision, curriculum development and planning, and organizing special events.

Lead the Children’s Ministry Team. Recruiting, training, and pastoring this team of leaders and volunteers who will be responsible: to disciple our children, organize special events, and partner together with parents and clergy to accomplish the vision and strategy of All Saints Church among our children. Organize appreciation events for Children’s Ministry volunteers and staff.

Plan and organize Sunday morning programming and services. Oversee and administrate the nursery, preschool, and elementary school Sunday offerings on Sunday Mornings. Currently these include: Nursery care and children’s church at both services and nursery and faith formation classes for children (birth to fifth grade) during the Sunday School hour. This will include regularly leading and teaching.

Hire, train, and supervise paid childcare workers for Sundays and other events.

Minister to parents and families. Creatively equip parents to disciple their children and connect parents and families in this essential responsibly.  It is expected that the director plan quarterly gatherings, teaching sessions, and/or events for parents and families to create community and equip and aid parents to disciple their children. The Director will lead the First Communion process for children in partnership with the rector and/or other clergy.

Pursue relationships with parents and their kids outside of Sunday mornings: play dates, coffee dates, etc.  The goal of these relationships is two-fold: to build trust and to discern needs.  This will come primarily through watching and listening.  Out of these relationships new insights and ventures for family ministry and children’s ministry will naturally arise.

Coordinate childcare and programs for special events and services: Weeknight Lenten Soup Suppers, New Comers Luncheons, Holy Week and Advent services.

Administer Children’s Ministry. This includes but is not limited to: seeing that rooms are set-up and in order in the appropriate manner and timeframe; seeing that the caregivers are scheduled and present in the appropriate venue at the appropriate time; coordinating background checks on caregivers and volunteers; maintaining accurate attendance and safety data; and ordering supplies, making copies, organizing children’s spaces as needed, and keeping records of financial spending.


  • Possess a vibrant faith in Jesus evidenced by a life of worship, obedience, and Spiritual growth.
  • Continue to learn and grow as a disciple and minister of the gospel.
  • Demonstrate a visible sense of calling to serve and disciple children and parents.
  • Pray for the children of All Saints Church and their families.
  • Have experience with and awareness of children and their development process (emotionally, spiritually, relationally).
  • Agree with and the vision of All Saints Church.
  • Maintain a personal and professional lifestyle of high Christian character.
  • Demonstrate skill and execution of administrative and organizational tasks.
  • Be effective at building teams, leading teams and serving on teams.
  • Be willing to train, lead, and enter into conflict lovingly and truthfully with others.
  • Regularly attend worship at All Saints and actively participate in the overall life of the church.
  • Attend and contribute to weekly staff meetings on Wednesdays from 9:00-11:00
  • Affirm the Jerusalem Declaration (
  • Pass criminal background check.
  • Possess the necessary computer skills to use email, create documents, and maintain spread sheets, ect.
  • Possess a High school and undergraduate degree.


  • Part-time: 25 hours a week
  • Reports to: Rector
  • Supported by: Children’s Ministry Team made up of a leadership team and dozens of volunteers
  • Scope of Ministry: Children birth through fifth grade and their parents
  • Start Date: As soon as possible
  • Closes: When position is filled
  • Compensation: Will be determined by education and experience ($13-$18 an hour)
  • To apply: Send resume and cover letter to Rev Thomas Kortus (thomas@allsaints-chd-org)


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REACH Work Camp 2014

14OTN2_0585If I have learned anything from my four years of youth ministry, it is that teenagers tend to be the most underestimated members of most communities. And at the end of June, our teenagers at All Saints Church proved that to me once again.

Ten youth, our brave adult volunteer, Amy Hopson, and I all drove to Oliver Springs, TN, just northwest of Knoxville, to join up with over two hundred other campers at a REACH Work Camp. These amazing youth spent six nights and five full days doing renovation and construction work on nearby homes in the community. They spent their evenings at a local High School, at their meals there, and worshiped there alongside other youth from all over the country, including Alabama, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

They were each placed on teams, split up among the other campers so that only a few people from each church would ever be on one team. They painted, swept, calked, demolished, rebuilt, framed, and roofed houses badly in need of 14OTN2_0415repair and attention.

Many of the people whom they served were disabled, elderly, or lacked the means to care for their home. Our youth turned dark and abandoned places into warm and light-filled places. These “Neighbors,” whom they served were blessed by this outpouring of care and hard work, but they also blessed in return either through gifts, or prayers, or feeding us some local TN BBQ at the end of our last day.

Our teenagers made connections with other students from all over the country, and the time they invested into this community is something they will never forget. Thank you to everyone who prayed for this camp, who prayed for our youth, who gave sacrificially to make this trip possible, to parents who both allowed and supported this chance for their children to do missional work, and to the youth themselves for giving away a week of their summer instead of spending it by the pool or in front of television screens.

14OTN2_0426Our church is blessed with amazing students. I pray God continues to walk with them and guide them for all their years to come. They have already been a profound blessing to me and my family.

I know they are and will continue to be an invaluable gift to this church.










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Church Survey Now Available

asc worship pic 4

The Rector Search Committee invites all members and regular attenders of All Saints, including children ages 8+, to complete the All Saints parish survey.  This survey gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts on who we are as a congregation and what qualities you would like to see in our new rector.

If you did not receive an email with a link to this survey, please contact the committee at  Printed copies of the survey are also available by mail.  The survey closes on Sunday, August 3, so don’t delay—fill yours out today!

Please continue to pray for All Saints Church, for the vestry, and for the Search Committee.

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All Saints Church Reads: Reflection by Paul Watkins

Last week we had our first (of many I pray) meetings of the All Saints Church Reads book club.

torranceThere were two meetings: one in the morning at 7 am at the Upper Room and one in the evening at 7 pm at my house. Over 15 people met and discussed the first two chapters of James Torrance’s book Worship, Community and the Triune God of Grace.

It is a short book that profoundly explores the depth and grace of the gospel of God! It is a book that leads me to worship and marvel at the grace of God!

The book club will meet again on July 24th (at 7am and 7pm) to discuss the last two chapters of the book. All are welcome!

Paul Watkins attended and wrote this poignant reflection:

“The worship and mission of the church are the gift of participating through the Holy Spirit in the incarnate Son’s communion with the Father and the Son’s mission from the Father to the world.” (p. 9)

This sentence embodies the main thesis of Torrance’s book: that we live Christianly by entering into participation with what is already happening within the life of the Trinity.

Acceptable worship is already ascending to God – from our great High Priest in the heavens who ever lifts up holy hands to His Father in praise and thanksgiving; when we worship rightly, we do so only by entering into and taking part in the Son’s worship already taking place.

Likewise, acceptable mission is already happening – climactically in the Father’s sending forth the Son into the world to call all men to Himself, but also in the Son’s sending forth of the Spirit He received from the Father into the world to carry on the same mission; when we do mission rightly, we only do so by entering into and taking part in the Son’s and Spirit’s mission already taking place.

Which is to say, living Christianly does not mean offering worship and mission of our own to God, but in participating in what the Father has already provided for Himself through His Son and Spirit. This is the meaning of “grace.” It is not so much that God gives grace for us, extra nos, and we respond in faith and service for God, extra Deum, as two actions by two different actors playing their parts in turns; rather, our faith and service are nothing other than the faith and service of the Son through the Spirit operative in us, which is one and the same thing as grace itself, as one action by two different actors playing their respective parts in simultaneous, intimate co-action.

So our work (of worship and mission) and God’s grace are not two different things, traded between us; they are one and the same thing, seen from two perspectives. This is why we can never imagine our service to God apart from His grace (Pelagianism), nor imagine His grace apart from our service (radical Protestantism).

So remember, when we worship it is the Son through the Spirit that is worshiping through us. And when we go forth in mission to the world, it is also the Son through the Spirit that is going forth in mission through us.

All that we do, if we do it Christianly, is nothing other than what God Himself is doing while using us as His vessels. It is “not I, but the grace of God which is with me.” Which is to say, “I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me.” So let us be cooperators with the Spirit, and co-workers with the Son, joining them in their worship and mission as we are drawn ever more intimately into the life of the Triune God.

– Reflection by Paul Watkins

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We are in need of some new pictures for our church website! Do you have a good camera? Could you take some high resolution pictures for us in the next few weeks? People pics are needed – posed and casual. People smiling, laughing, talking, posing, – would all be great! Particularly horizontal pics! Pics in our new worship space as well! Please email the high resolution pics to admin@ALLSAINTS-CHD.ORG and share them on our Facebook page!

The picture above is a particularly adorable example of what we need! Unfortunately for me and ASC the Taylor family and Glasses are moving to TX!


WEBSITE EXPERIENCE? Also do you have any experience working on websites? Mark Harbaugh is leading a revamp effort for  our website. Thank you!

BLOG? Are you interested in being a blog contributor? Email Thomas Kortus ( if you are interested!

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It all started with a cup of coffee…(VBS!)

Meet Caroline Efird, the director of Children’s Ministries at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Durham:


(She doesn’t usually look quite so—what’s the word? festive!—but I think you’ll agree that she makes those glasses look pretty good.)

It was over a cup of coffee this spring that Caroline and I somewhat accidentally hit upon the idea of All Saints jumping in and joining Good Shepherd for their Vacation Bible School this summer. And I couldn’t be more thankful for that “accidental” conversation!


This past week, about twenty children and four volunteers from All Saints joined 250 children and over 100 volunteers for a week of fun and learning about the life of David, what it means that he was a man after God’s own heart, and what it means for us to emulate that heart in our own lives. Through drama and puppets and games and crafts and even meticulously themed snacks, the children experienced stories from David’s life in new and exciting ways.

monday077 monday036 wednesday308 wednesday278 thursday373

Even the children who knew the story of David and Goliath inside out were freshly impressed by the giant (on stilts!) whose strobe-lit slaying at the hands of the boy David was made real in a new way for them through the impressive dramatic skills of the folks at CGS. Thanks to the creativity of ASC’s own Nicki Carpenter and with the assistance of four faithful youth volunteers, including Luke Jackson, sweaty games of tag and water balloons and ultimate frisbee took on new meaning with pool noodles as swords and shepherds and sheep as players.

IMG_5453 wednesday256

Marnie Densmore, another ASC volunteer, became a master slingshot maker over the course of the week, and in the meantime had conversations with and built relationships with lots of children and adults who made their way to her tent in the marketplace. Sarah McSwain and I both had the enviable role of leading groups through the whole week, comprising children from ASC, CGS, and other local churches. The questions we had the opportunity to answer, the prayers we got to pray with them, and the fun we had together with our groups are memories that will certainly stick with the children (and us!) for a very long time.

monday069 monday099 monday137 IMG_5440 tuesday236 wednesday337

2014-06-26 08.56.50 IMG_5471

Over the course of the week, the children memorized Bible verses daily. One verse that showed up on the list and also during our worship time several mornings is from 1 Samuel 16:7:

monday102 wednesday240

(Here’s ASC’s own David Carpenter, bravely reciting a memory verse for the entire group of children and volunteers during our opening worship time! Go, David!)

What a beautiful promise to each of the children who participated in VBS this week, that what the Lord wants for them is a clean heart, longing most of all for what He wants, seeking most of all after the things of His kingdom; and what a sweet gift it was to me, as an adult walking through the week with these children, to be reminded by their simple but profound questions how the faith of a child can serve as a model for all of us. Ask, seek, knock: that’s what children do instinctively and without reservation, and in doing so, seek after the heart of God, sometimes without even knowing it.

Thank you, Caroline and your fantastic team of coordinators and volunteers, for inviting us to join you at VBS this year! What a gift it was to serve and pray and work and play alongside you–we already can’t wait until next year!

tuesday161 tuesday159


{Here’s a fun one-minute summary of our time at VBS as told by one of the children’s favorite “volunteers”: a puppet!}

<p><a href=”″>IMG 5500</a> from <a href=”″>All Saints Church</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

{Beautiful professional photographs courtesy of Julie Yoo at Vibrance Photography: Cell phone photographs courtesy of parents and volunteers!}

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