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Partners in Ministry

Keith Clement recently returned from visiting the Mubumbano Bible and Vocational Training School in Rwanda.  This trip involved an on-site visit to the Mubumbano School and meetings with the leaders of the Butare Diocese.  Pictured with Keith is the Mubumbano Project Committee.



(left to right: Deacon Andrew, Pastor Lambert, Arch Deacon Etiene, Project Director Deo,  Pastor Odillo, and Keith)

Final construction will be completed this summer and teachers hired to begin classes in January 2014.  The primary objective of the school is to make basic Bible instruction available to pastors in the sub-parish churches lacking formal educational opportunities and to teach them vocational skills to support themselves in congregations unable to support them financially.

Through discussions about the project and visits in the homes of the leaders and other times of fellowship, mutual understanding and respect grew between Keith and the team.  Most importantly, Keith’s representation of All Saints Church increased the bonds of love between the Butare Diocese and our congregation.

IMG_0765_3 IMG_0621_3










(completed classrooms)                                                          (freshly painted classrooms)

Keith also visited the Dufatanye Cooperative in Nyanza.  The Dufatanye Coop offers hope to a community of HIV-positive people that have no other means of support.  Keith heard remarkable stories of transformed lives and had a tour of the coop operations.  This is a ministry Martha Vetter is closely connected to.


(a family living at the Cooperative)


 (milk production)


(rabbit and fish production)

Keith will be sharing more information with the congregation on a Sunday morning soon, but he would love to talk to you personally about our involvement in Rwanda and answer any questions you may have. You can contact him at or 919-339-9071.


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Got Plans?

Do you have plans the week of July 22? Take three minutes to watch this video…now you do!

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