An Important Invitation to the Whole Congregation

I’m a mom. Ranking near the top of my list of priorities for my children is keeping them safe. I know there are myriad hard and hurtful things they will experience in life that I can do nothing to prevent, but it is my precious job to do everything I can to protect them from the things that I can.


As a children’s minister, it’s my job to make sure our church is protecting and loving its children just as fiercely. And as the body of Christ, the people who vow at every baptism of every person in our congregation–infant, child, youth, or adult–to “do all in our power to support this person in his/her life in Christ,” it is all of our responsibility to own that promise. Supporting infants and children in their life in Christ has to mean, among many things, doing all we can to assure them and their families that our church is a safe, trustworthy place.

To that end, I would like to extend an invitation to our ENTIRE congregation to step up and into that promise in a concrete, tangible way.

Take two hours of your time this Sunday, April 14 OR Sunday, April 28 to join in the important conversation about how we keep our children safe. This is a conversation for parents and for grandparents, for college students and for college professors, for volunteers and for visitors, for leaders and for inquirers. Do you work with children or youth at All Saints? Come learn why this is a critical piece of your ministry. Do you have children? Come find out what we’re doing to protect them while they’re in our care. Do you wonder what this is all about? Come join us for lunch and conversation. Whatever your reason for coming, I can promise this will be time well spent.


Will you join us in the Annex from 12-2 this Sunday, April 14 OR Sunday, April 28? Lunch will be provided, so if you have time for a quick email RSVP, that’s great; but you’re absolutely welcome even if you don’t. Please don’t hesitate to contact Daniele Berman ( if you have any questions.

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