Many Rooms

image “Many Rooms” and reflection by Stephanie Gehring

Psalms 5, 6, 10, 11
Isaiah 1:21-31
1 Thessalonians 2:1-12
Luke 20:9-18

SGehring image

My family moved several times when I was young, and one of the earliest longings I can remember is for home, for a place where I belong and can put down roots. The belonging is about people, but it is also about a place — about the shapes and smells of trees, the patterns of birdsong, the feel of the air, and the color of the sky in early December. And it is about the floors and windows and chairs and light of the house I live in. One way for me to enter into the longing and the anticipation of Advent is to be specially attentive to all the little parts of my life that feel like home and like belonging, and to be attentive and gentle also with all the places that feel more like exile or like loneliness. I want to be courageous enough to be wholehearted. I want to be grateful and honest both, and to learn to trust our God to meet me in the aching places, too.

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