Reflections on Back-packing from Thomas

The Back to School Party and Community Dinner was a tremendous success. 215 backpacks were filled with school supplies and left the building strapped to the backs of kids who will be starting school in a matter of days. An additional 60 backpacks were packed by volunteers to give to Ephesus Road Elementary School. You would not believe it, but we had the exact number of backpacks needed so that every family and child that needed a backpack and school supplies received one–down to the very last 3rd grader who showed up after the event was over. It was a joyful day of relational interactions and blessing for all involved. Over forty volunteers and numerous organizations and ministries were present and working to make this event a success.

Families began lining up over a half an hour before the doors opened, and there was excitement and expectation in the air. When the party began, families checked in at the registration table, received school supply lists, picked out a backpack, and then proceeded to tables hosted by volunteers where they received the school supplies they needed. It was a joy to see our parishioners interacting with children and parents as they passed out glue sticks, rulers, paper, etc. Families also had the opportunity to interact with school principals, teachers, and administration members from Creekside Elementary and Githens Middle School. With backpacks in hand, families then gathered for dinner, conversation, and music in the parking lot in front of the Annex. Food was donated by local restaurants and provided by many from All Saints Church as well as the folks from Oak Creek Village. A large group of people from La Cosecha, a local Spanish-speaking church that meets on Garrett Road, volunteered, interacted with our neighbors, grilled hot dogs, and collected information for future follow up. We also had a bouncy house and served snow cones. There was a party atmosphere and a lot of interaction.

Thank you to all the volunteers, organizations, and ministries that were present and made this local mission outreach event a success! It took many people many hours to make this event happen.

Thank you for your time and energy and for your smiles and love for our neighbors:

Bruce Cunningham
Miles Reck
Liz Harbaugh
Clyde Hasty
Yordin Hasty
Daniele Jackson
Luke Jackson
Bill Roper
Maryann Roper
Hannah Michtell
Pablo Zavala
Heidi Zavala
Erik Potter
Jim Chapman
Aaron Chapman
Jude Chapman
Karyn Stitzenberg
Wesley Burks
Jan Burks
Collin Burks
Brendan Case
Lynn Hand
Ray Hooker
Debbie Hooker
Carmen Ruth
Hayes Thielman
Brad Acton
Bishop Terrell Glenn
Samantha Armistead
Alex Armistead
Marnie Densmore
Caden Densmore
Christina Cameron
Laura Yost-Grande
And others whom I am forgetting



Rene Lopez–The Grace Place
Samaritan Health Center
Jimmy Johns
La Cosecha
Justice Matters
Saturday monring ESL Program

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