Backpack Party Pictures!

I’ll leave it to Thomas, the mastermind of our Oak Creek outreach, to share his thoughts on today’s project. But in the meantime, here’s a glimpse of all the fun we had loving our neighbors this afternoon. Many thanks to all our volunteers who came out to make it possible!

That’s a lot of art supplies. How could a kid NOT smile?Image

Laura Yost-Grande, co-director of Eagles’ Nest and member of the Gathering Church, looks a little concerned about Brad’s level of enthusiasm for markers.Image

Pre-packing backpacks for Ephesus Road ElementaryImage

Bishop Terrell getting a lesson on school supplies from an expert in the subject, teacher Miles ReckImage

Discussing the relative merits of crayons and colored pencils?Image

Volunteers extraordinaire!Image

Notebooks and folders and binders–oh my!Image

Happy back-to-schoolers!Image

That’s a lot of folders!Image
It looks like they’re ready!Image

Who doesn’t love school supplies? Image

She might not need a backpack until next year…Image

Ready, set, school!ImageHe’s looking good in his new gear!Image

Thankfully, we didn’t need umbrellas for our outdoor party!Image

A feast fit for friendsImage

School supplies are exhausting!Image

Ready for the bounce house!Image

What a fun day we all had! Please pray for our neighbors as they gear up for a new school year.

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