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Reflections on Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

This Sunday, our preschoolers and kindergarteners will start a new program in Children’s Church called Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. All Saints members Laura Warmke and Catherine Calleson are just completing a year of training in order to begin teaching this class. Here are some reflections from Laura about what the experience has been like for her.Image

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, All Saints’s new curriculum for 3-5 year old children, starts on Sunday.  As Catherine and I get the seemingly numerous pieces ready and count the days, I’ve thought about our catechist training.

Former All Saints member and trained catechist Nancy Robinson told me (and all the other potential catechists at All Saints) that this training was really more of a growing experience for the catechist than it was about learning techniques or lesson plans. She was right. It feels selfish to admit it, but this training has been just as much, if not more, about my personal growth as a follower of Christ than about learning any curriculum. I have learned to rest in the arms of the Good Shepherd in a new way. I have rejoiced at God’s plan to make all creation right. I have cried while pondering anew the parable of the pearl of great price and God’s great love for His people.

I love Catechesis because it focuses on God’s goodness and His redemptive work in creation. I think of Paul admonishing us to think on “whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable” (Philippians 4:8). Catechesis does this though its lessons on the Bible’s importance and the life and teachings of Jesus.

I can hear some of you saying, “But that is not acknowledging the sin in the world. Clearly this place is messed up.” Sure: yes, yes, the world is horribly marred. But as Christians, we should never, ever lose sight of the fact that at the heart of the world is God and good. God will make this world right again and good will triumph.

As I grow older, this gets harder to remember, and I find my time in the atrium (i.e. classroom in Catechesis language) a welcome rejuvenation. I am more able to face the darkness of the world when I have been reminded again that the Good Shepherd calls His sheep by name and that through my Baptism, I have received the light of Christ in me. I’m better equipped to face the busy-ness of life and, yes, the stress of being a librarian (not always a stress-free job, I promise you!) when I have been in the peaceful, respectful atmosphere of the atrium.

As we begin our atrium, I hope that this peaceful, respectful atmosphere and the lessons in Catechesis touch our children as they have touched me. I truly believe that spreading the good news of Jesus and teaching peace and respect for one another is helping to bring the kingdom of God on earth.  As Christians, this is kind of our goal, isn’t it?

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Opportunities to Serve this Fall

We are recruiting for Eagles’ Nest (after school program) and Saturday
morning ESL. Let me know if you have any questions!

Ministry Opportunity.  Eagles Nest is an after school program that
primarily serves Latino students living in Oak Creek Village. This
program needs volunteers to tutor second and third graders. Eagles
Consider serving once a week on either Tuesdays or Thursdays from 4-6
pm. Training sessions are being offered this Fall. Please contact
Laura Yost-Grant ( / 919- 619-1511) for more


Looking for a new way to serve?  Through several local church
partnerships, we provide native-speaking English instruction on
Saturday mornings for adult immigrants and refugees in Durham.  We
offer up to four levels of English classes, free childcare, and a time
of food and socialization so that relationships can be formed.
Classes meet at Church of the Good Shepherd.  The program is volunteer
run and led, and there are many different volunteer roles and needs.
For more details, contact Sharon Moore at
Know someone who wants to learn English? Want to Volunteer? We still need volunteers!

Sep. 22nd – Volunteer Orientation (9AM-12PM)
Sep. 29th – Registration (9AM – 11AM)
Oct. 6th – Classes start (9AM-11AM)
Oct. 27th – No class
Nov. 24th – No class, Thanksgiving break
Dec. 8th – Classes end

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Reflections on Back-packing from Thomas

The Back to School Party and Community Dinner was a tremendous success. 215 backpacks were filled with school supplies and left the building strapped to the backs of kids who will be starting school in a matter of days. An additional 60 backpacks were packed by volunteers to give to Ephesus Road Elementary School. You would not believe it, but we had the exact number of backpacks needed so that every family and child that needed a backpack and school supplies received one–down to the very last 3rd grader who showed up after the event was over. It was a joyful day of relational interactions and blessing for all involved. Over forty volunteers and numerous organizations and ministries were present and working to make this event a success.

Families began lining up over a half an hour before the doors opened, and there was excitement and expectation in the air. When the party began, families checked in at the registration table, received school supply lists, picked out a backpack, and then proceeded to tables hosted by volunteers where they received the school supplies they needed. It was a joy to see our parishioners interacting with children and parents as they passed out glue sticks, rulers, paper, etc. Families also had the opportunity to interact with school principals, teachers, and administration members from Creekside Elementary and Githens Middle School. With backpacks in hand, families then gathered for dinner, conversation, and music in the parking lot in front of the Annex. Food was donated by local restaurants and provided by many from All Saints Church as well as the folks from Oak Creek Village. A large group of people from La Cosecha, a local Spanish-speaking church that meets on Garrett Road, volunteered, interacted with our neighbors, grilled hot dogs, and collected information for future follow up. We also had a bouncy house and served snow cones. There was a party atmosphere and a lot of interaction.

Thank you to all the volunteers, organizations, and ministries that were present and made this local mission outreach event a success! It took many people many hours to make this event happen.

Thank you for your time and energy and for your smiles and love for our neighbors:

Bruce Cunningham
Miles Reck
Liz Harbaugh
Clyde Hasty
Yordin Hasty
Daniele Jackson
Luke Jackson
Bill Roper
Maryann Roper
Hannah Michtell
Pablo Zavala
Heidi Zavala
Erik Potter
Jim Chapman
Aaron Chapman
Jude Chapman
Karyn Stitzenberg
Wesley Burks
Jan Burks
Collin Burks
Brendan Case
Lynn Hand
Ray Hooker
Debbie Hooker
Carmen Ruth
Hayes Thielman
Brad Acton
Bishop Terrell Glenn
Samantha Armistead
Alex Armistead
Marnie Densmore
Caden Densmore
Christina Cameron
Laura Yost-Grande
And others whom I am forgetting



Rene Lopez–The Grace Place
Samaritan Health Center
Jimmy Johns
La Cosecha
Justice Matters
Saturday monring ESL Program

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Backpack Party Pictures!

I’ll leave it to Thomas, the mastermind of our Oak Creek outreach, to share his thoughts on today’s project. But in the meantime, here’s a glimpse of all the fun we had loving our neighbors this afternoon. Many thanks to all our volunteers who came out to make it possible!

That’s a lot of art supplies. How could a kid NOT smile?Image

Laura Yost-Grande, co-director of Eagles’ Nest and member of the Gathering Church, looks a little concerned about Brad’s level of enthusiasm for markers.Image

Pre-packing backpacks for Ephesus Road ElementaryImage

Bishop Terrell getting a lesson on school supplies from an expert in the subject, teacher Miles ReckImage

Discussing the relative merits of crayons and colored pencils?Image

Volunteers extraordinaire!Image

Notebooks and folders and binders–oh my!Image

Happy back-to-schoolers!Image

That’s a lot of folders!Image
It looks like they’re ready!Image

Who doesn’t love school supplies? Image

She might not need a backpack until next year…Image

Ready, set, school!ImageHe’s looking good in his new gear!Image

Thankfully, we didn’t need umbrellas for our outdoor party!Image

A feast fit for friendsImage

School supplies are exhausting!Image

Ready for the bounce house!Image

What a fun day we all had! Please pray for our neighbors as they gear up for a new school year.

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