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An Update from Narnia

“‘Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit,’ says the Lord of hosts.” -Zechariah 4:6

As we wrap up the Narnia program for the summer, these last three weeks will be pivotal. On July 11, the kids will learn about sacrifice, hearing how Aslan gave his life for Edmund. They will also get the chance to hammer nails into a cross as a concrete example of Christ’s sacrifice. On July 18, as we focus on forgiveness and resurrection, the children will write their sins on the same wooden cross, and then cover them with Band-Aids as a picture of how Christ covers our sins through His work on the cross. I’m hoping that doing hands-on activities like this will help them visualize the Gospel more vividly, as well as aid in understanding. The last week, July 25, is all about victory! We will read about how the White Witch is ultimately defeated, and Narnia is transformed by Aslan into the beautiful paradise it was before. Each of the children will plant a seed in a flower pot to symbolize new life in Christ.

In planning, organizing, recruiting, and publicizing this program, it is easy to forget that it is not through our might or power that these kids will hear the Gospel. This kind of transformation can only take place through the Spirit of God. We are only tools. We are only asked to faithfully answer His call! What I’m asking from my church is that you pray for the next three weeks! Please pray that the Lord do two things: First, that the children of Oak Creek Village will be drawn by the Spirit to the Narnia program in these last few weeks. Finally, please pray that God will ultimately reveal Himself to any who are not believers, and that they will be transformed.

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