The Celebration Assembly–Why Should Lay Leaders Attend?

Why should you, a lay leader from an Anglican church, be in Raleigh, June 11-13, 2012?

Following the lead and example of the Anglican Church of Rwanda, PEARUSA is committed to serving Christ in a highly collegial fashion – bishops, clergy, and laity working together, seeking the Lord together, praying, serving, and leading together.

That begins at the Celebration Assembly, Church of the Apostles, Raleigh, NC, June 11-13, 2012.

How? Workshops, Regional Network Gatherings, and Prayer

Workshops exploring, and involving lay leaders in:

  • Finances for Mission: We need input and involvement in financing mission!
  • Participating in ACNA Benefits Programs: We need input and involvement in

    developing benefits programs!

  • Charter for Ministry and Protocols for ACNA Subjurisdiction: We need leaders

    who want to explore our Charter and Protocols, to help us actualize our dreams.

  • Transitioning Your Church: How do churches transition to PEARUSA?
  • Rwandan Partnerships On the Ground: People actualize our partnerships with

    Rwanda. It is people who take the lead, do the work, go, and pray.

  • And more!

    Regional Network Gatherings: All clergy and laity from nascent regional networks will gather to begin a formation process. The work will include:

  • Meeting and greeting
  • Assessing potential additional churches and clergy, with (eventual) assignments

    for communication to “missing players”

  • Explaining the tasks of Regional Networks: nomination of candidates for bishop,

    development of regional Charters of Ministry, mission strategy, finances, etc.

  • Selection of a Regional Leader pro tem
  • Selection of key additional leaders pro tem to led through the formation of the

    network over the summer

  • Much prayer for your region!

    Prayer: Throughout the Assembly, as we hear reports, learn about the commitments and convictions that fuel our mission and ministry, hear about what God has done in the past, and see what God will do in the future, we will be called to prayer, again and again and again. We need the people of PEARUSA laboring alongside us in prayer, and the churches will pray when their leaders pray.

    All of this, plus worship, friendship, and celebration, will set the foundations of the future for the ministry and mission of PEARUSA.

    Please join us as we begin a new day of grace and hope!

    Registration Information and Event Details:

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