A letter from Steve Breedlove regarding the Joyous Assembly June 11-13

To all God’s Faithful in North America: Greetings in the name of Christ!

Six months ago, in a powerful pastoral moment at Church of the Apostles, Raleigh, NC, the Most Reverend Onesphore Rwaje called for the formation of a Steering Team to provide pastoral oversight for the clergy in North America that desire to remain resident within the Anglican Province of Rwanda (PEAR). In April, Archbishop Rwaje formalized the existence of a Missionary District for North America, and PEARUSA was born. Work on protocols governing PEARUSA as a sub-jurisdiction of the Anglican Church of North America began immediately. In a remarkable unifying sign of God’s spirit, PEARUSA will not only be a continual manifestation of work launched by Rwanda over a decade ago, but will also be a fully participating sub-jurisdiction of ACNA.

Now we invite you to return to Church of the Apostles in Raleigh on June 11-13, 2012 to help us bring PEARUSA to the place where its constituent churches, clergy, and laity can together begin to even more effectively serve people throughout North America with the Gospel.

  • We will reflect on the blessings of God together and understand the rich legacy of our spiritual roots.
  • We will hear the vision for the distinctive commitments and mission of PEARUSA and discuss how to stand at the intersection as a Missionary District of Rwanda and a sub-jurisdiction of the ACNA.
  • We will lay the groundwork for Regional Networks that will carry out Christ’s mission and prayerfully begin to consider future episcopal leadership to shepherd, guide, and care for our people.

Throughout all we do PEARUSA has a genuine desire to model the collegial rule and work that is the hallmark of the Anglican Province of Rwanda. In light of this desire, we need clergy and laity from all churches that desire to be canonically resident in Rwanda (or are considering it) to join us in Raleigh and begin to do fruitful work together. Will you help?

There will also be several moments of thanksgiving at the Celebration Assembly. Archbishop Rwaje tasked Bishop Terrell Glenn and the rest of the Steering Team with two jobs—pastoral oversight and initial planning. Both of these tasks have been completed and the Steering Team will be reformed into a Mission Council pro tem. In addition, Bishop Terrell Glenn will be passing the baton as the primary episcopal overseer for PEARUSA and Archbishop Rwaje will be naming a Presider pro tem to guide the Missionary District from June through the inaugural General Assembly in October.

Friends, I certainly hope you will join us for this Celebration Assembly. This is an exciting moment in our lives, and the future is exceedingly bright through the grace of God. But we cannot establish this Missionary District without genuine, participatory input from a broad group of clergy and laity, so please prayerfully consider joining us in Raleigh. Bring your fellow-laborers and leaders and help us do the work of God!

More details and registration information: http://www.pearusa.org

Your Servant in Christ,

Rev Dr Steven Breedlove

Canon to Missionary Bishop Terrell Glenn


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