By a majority vote and with a quorum present, All Saints Church approved the Vestry’s recommended bylaws changes yesterday at our congregational meeting. Our affiliation has changed from the AMiA to PEARUSA. We are now a full member of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) as a member of PEARUSA, which is a sub-juristiction with the ACNA.

Learn more about PEARUSA by browsing the website. Click here.

I. Vision: Who We Are

PEARUSA is a Missionary District (MD) and church planting movement of theAnglican Church of Rwanda (Province de L’Eglise Anglicane au Rwanda – PEAR) and a sub-jurisdiction of the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA). It is a movement of clergy and churches who are birthed in Rwanda, planted in North America, bearing fruit in our communities.

Birthed in Rwanda

PEARUSA’s relationship with Rwanda does not exist as a matter of utility. Rather, it is our Rwandan brothers’ and sisters’ pursuit of reconciliation, that church’s legacy of conciliar decision-making and governance, their commitment to prayer, transparency, and Gospel-driven mission that God first gave as hallmarks of the East African Revival, and their submission to Biblical truth that binds their church to our own. PEARUSA is, in fact, being shaped by Rwanda in an ongoing relationship of friendship, collaboration, and discipleship as we move through life together with Christ Himself and as brothers and sisters in the Gospel. Through Rwanda, PEARUSA is also shaped by the Global South and through a growing coalition of confessional Anglicans gathering under through Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON). GAFCON’s common faith is clarified in the Jerusalem Declaration.

Planted in America

The people and churches who make up PEARUSA share a zeal for communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ by word and deed. We are united in our strategy of growth through planting churches. We are actively committed and involved on multiple levels with the growth of united, biblical, mission-driven Anglicanism in North America as a sub-jurisdiction of ACNA.

Bearing Fruit in our Communities

PEARUSA seeks to create and sustain life through

• proper episcopal and clerical order that proclaims the Gospel, serves sacrificially, builds teams, and equips and empowers others for ministry,
• a pervasive culture of healthy relationships, collaborative work, and Christian vitality,
• being transformed by the Gospel and by communicating that same Gospel through word and deed,
• training life-long missional leaders and church planters,
• planting churches for the work of Christ and the glory of God.

II. Our Role Within ACNA

PEARUSA stands committed to the vision articulated by the ACNA for united, Biblical, mission driven Anglicanism throughout our continent. PEARUSA enjoys full communion with ACNA as its sub-jurisdiction. This is best demonstrated by our financial commitments to ACNA, our representation at the ACNA Provincial Assembly, our representation in the Provincial Council and ACNA House of Bishops, and the freedom of both clergy and congregations to move between the Missionary District and ACNA. Above all else, PEARUSA seeks to offer its gifts, such as they are, to ACNA.


Q. How do I participate as a clergyperson in PEARUSA?
A. If you are canonically resident in Rwanda, (at this point in time) simply declare your intent for affiliation by contacting Brad Acton ( with a clear statement to that end. Call your local Regional Leader or PEARUSA office for any further questions or information. If you are currently canonically resident in another jurisdiction, you can simply follow normal proves for seeking transfer into PEARUSA.

Q. How does our church affiliate with PEARUSA?
A. If your church has been chartered as an AMiA congregation, depending on the requirements for change stipulated by your bylaws, you should go through a healthy discernment process and methodical plan for addressing the bylaws to reflect your decision. Help to discern this process is available from regional leaders, the PEARUSA office, or the Rev David Bryan, Once the decision has been firmly made, please notify Brad Acton at for listing in our database and full inclusion of all the privileges and responsibilities of participation.

Q. What comprises the membership of PEARUSA?
A. Please see for up-to-date listings of all parishes currently affiliated.

Q. What are the details of PEARUSA’s structure and operation?
A. Please see DRAFT of our Charter.

Q. What are Regional Networks and their relationship to Bishops?
A. PEARUSA is being organized into Regional Networks who will collegially carry out the strategies for mission and spiritual oversight, including conciliar participation in the selection of bishops. Please see DRAFT of Charter, particularly Article 3.

Q. What is the process of ordination and will women receive Holy Orders?
A. See DRAFT of our Charter, particularly Article 5.

Q. How will money be received and allocated in PEARUSA?
A. The Missionary District will humbly seek gifts from the generous normal giving programs at local parishes. Parishes will give 10% of their general offerings to the MD, and the MD will divide 10% of its funds between Rwanda and ACNA by direction of the two Archbishops, starting at a 70/30% split in year one (in favor of PEAR). All budgets and expense reports, both actual and proposed, are available at

Q. How do I financially support PEARUSA?
A. Contributions may be sent to: Christ Church / PO Box 1065 / Murrells Inlet, SC 29576

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