( GAFCON stands for: The Global Anglican Future Conference )

Steve Breedlove, Rector

As the GAFCON Leadership Conference draws toward its end, I have time to write a short report. The pace has been fast: I received an inexplicably-delayed invitation to come to London at 4:00 p.m., Tuesday the 17th. I found a reasonable ticket and made plans to fly to England, rather than back home, after Sally & I completed officiating at a wedding in New York over the weekend. It has been a whirl. It has been worth it.

The primary purpose of this meeting is networking and fellowship, an effort to encourage biblically orthodox Anglicans around the world. It is a kaleidoscope of cultures and races: thirty+ countries are represented. It has included solid preaching, good worship, excellent workshops, and lots and lots of gabbing.  For me, it has been an invaluable time to spend hours with Archbishops Rwaje and Duncan talking about the future of PEARUSA.  We have been able to work through a number of important issues that need unraveling and come up with unified solutions and plans for the future. Our spiritual friendships are growing stronger by the day. I have also had wonderful time with Bishops Nathan Gasatura and Laurent Mbanda, and several other great friends and leaders of confessing Anglicanism around the world.


A Pakistani Anglican evangelist shared tonight about the great breakthroughs “under the radar screen” in Afghanistan and Iran.  In Iran, it is estimated that over 1,000,000 have converted in the past decade.  Yet the thing he was most thrilled about is the establishment of a Christian church in Pakistan made up totally of converts from Islam, and the four people that have come to faith this year through that church.  The opposition in Pakistan is exploding, but Christ’s church will prevail . . . but we need to pray, and pray earnestly.

A Nigerian archbishop told us of the increasing persecution from Muslims in the northern and central parts of that country. In many places Christians cannot go to church unless there is police protection throughout the service.  The doors are opened only a few minutes before the service, and then relocked quickly afterwards.  The situation is very intense.

I met and talked with the Anglican Bishop of Iran personally.  I had few words, as I shook his hand, thinking of the opposition and death-threat he endures for the sake of the Gospel.

I have had conversations with a college principle from Australia, a headmaster from England, a pastor from England, and a college professor from New Zealand, all who labor to maintain faithful witness to Christ and truthful teaching of the Word of God under the pressure of liberal, revisionist bishops. Faithful, hard-working, humble, earnest people who love Jesus Christ . . .

We have an incredible family of faith, a profound legacy, and a wonderful future!  I urge us all to thank God for his gracious blessings in our lives and in our church, to pray earnestly and faithfully for those who labor in hard, dangerous places, and to preach Christ boldly to our friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

See you Sunday!


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