Men’s Breakfast – April 28 from 8:30-10 am

Men’s Breakfast at the All Saints Church Annex 

Saturday, April 28th from 8:30-10:00 am

Relationship Building in the FaceBook Age 

There was a recent article in the Atlantic Monthly that had this to say about relationships:

“…within this world of instant and absolute communication, unbounded by limits of time or space, we suffer from unprecedented alienation. We have never been more detached from one another, or lonelier. In a world consumed by ever more novel modes of socializing, we have less and less actual society. We live in an accelerating contradiction: the more connected we become, the lonelier we are. We were promised a global village; instead we inhabit the drab cul-de-sacs and endless freeways of a vast suburb of information.”

To read the full article: IS FACEBOOK MAKING US LONELY?  here is the link:

At our gathering we will explore themes surrounding men and friendship. We have invited speaker, Mark Landon ( Rector of St Patricks Anglican, Charlotte,NC ) to get the ball rolling and engage us in the topic before we open things up for discussion. Mark is a great guy with a lot of life experience as well as a great communicator!

Please mark your calendar and plan to come! We look forward to a great time together! If you have any questions direct them to Dhrubo Sircar: Please pass this invite on to others you know! 

Have a great weekend!

thomas kortus


1. Bagels and Coffee

2. Speaker

3. Speaker / Panel. Q&A.

4. Testimony.

5. Prayer.

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