POSTPONED: Volunteers Needed this Wednesday for a Block Party at Oak Creek Village!


I just got a call from the management team at Oak Creek Village and they are planning a block party for spring break.

They asked me to find 10 VOLUNTEERS to help pass out food, supervise a bouncy house, do face painting, and be on hand to help set up and be present from noon to 3 pm on Wednesday. 

It is spring break for the kids so hopefully there is good turn out for a Wednesday.

Can you come a help? Can you pass the word on to others? Please RSVP TO ME IF YOU CAN VOLUNTEER!    /    919-619-5007

Lord Jesus Christ, you stretched out your arms of love on

the hard wood of the cross that everyone might come within

the reach of your saving embrace: So clothe us in your Spirit

that we, reaching forth our hands in love, may bring those

who do not know you to the knowledge and love of you; for

the honor of your Name. Amen.

Thank you!


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