Lenten Series Study Guide

Lenten Guide to the Seven Letters to the Churches in Revelation 

This guide will help you facilitate sermon discussions as friends, families, or as a 242 group.
1. Read the Passage together at least once, but try to read it two or three times.
2. Use the questions provided and allow people to choose what question to answer.
3. Open it up more broadly:
– How the Spirit is speaking to you through this letter?
– What jumps out at you or surprises you about this hear?
– What questions do you have?
– Where are you being challenged? How are you encouraged?
– How did the sermon stir you?
– If the letters are meant to train the churches how is Jesus training you or our church  through this letter?
Spend time in prayer as a group for God’s work in each other’s lives and for God’s work training and purifying our church. 
IDEA: An exercise. Invite your group to prayerfully write a letter from Jesus to our church or to them personally using the same format of the letters in Revelation to the churches. What would Jesus want to emphasis about his identity? How would Jesus encourage us a church? Where would Jesus admonish or encourage us?

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