A Red-Letter Day

This past Sunday was a red-letter day in the history of our church family: our official move-in day at the All Saints Annex!

It was so much fun to see so many people at our two Open Houses after each service. After many, many hours spent preparing the space, those of us who have been patiently (and sometimes impatiently!) waiting for this day were thrilled to see the space finally put to use for some of the many things we’ve been imagining: fellowship for our church family, conversations and friendships, good food, children having fun–what a joy! We hope and trust that Sunday was just the tip of the iceberg, and we know God has plans for this space beyond what we can imagine.

There are already lots of exciting things happening in the Annex: Children’s Church classes, youth groups, Essentials class, and Newcomers’ Luncheons already call it home. Staff have moved into their offices, and we’re excitedly settling in; what a gift it is for our pastoral staff to have space for a private conversation!

If you missed the Open House, don’t worry; there are lots of ways to get in on the excitement as we’re still very much in the process of settling in.

  • Come visit us! Check to see which direction Thomas Kortus’s desk is facing this week (it’s anyone’s guess!) or what new projects grace the lower elementary students’ bulletin board. Check out the work still in progress on our kitchen (it’s going to be great!) or sit down for a cup of coffee with a staff member in a comfortable new chair. Check out Barbara Barnes’s artwork in the youth room or preschoolers’ artwork in the yellow classroom.
  • Volunteer your time and skills! One thing is for sure: we need your help to do the good work God has planned for his people in the Annex. Spend a Sunday assisting in a Children’s Church class or working with the youth on a special project. Help clean up or set up for fellowship events by joining the hospitality team. Help design, decorate, and put the finishing touches on our walls.
  • Donate! We still need furniture, youth equipment, and many other things to make the Annex feel like home. Contact any staff member if you have gifts you’d like to share.
  • Give! Moving into the Annex represents a significant financial stretch for our church family. Help us meet our financial obligation to make this new home possible.
  • Pray! Most importantly, please pray for the staff working in the Annex, for the ministries making their homes there, and for the people God will reach within these walls. Give thanks for the many volunteers who have worked so hard to get the Annex ready.

I know I speak for the whole staff when I say thank you for what so many of you have already done to help make this move possible. Thank you to our volunteers, thank you for your donations and gifts, thank you for coming out to celebrate our Open House. Welcome to the All Saints Annex! Please don’t be a stranger!

(Photographs courtesy of Sonya Ewing Photography–thanks, Sonya!)

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