Congregational Meetings for All Saints Family & Friends Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dear All Saints Church family and friends,


Many of you are aware of recent changes in the Anglican Mission in America, especially the resignation of Chairman Chuck Murphy and most of the bishops of the Anglican Mission from the Church of Rwanda this past Monday (December 5). For the majority of people in our congregation, the central question is, How will this affect our regular ministry and mission as a local church? We reassured everyone in a special email message sent this past Thursday: it will have virtually no impact on how we worship, grow and reach out with the Gospel in our community. We remain solidly seated in the Province of Rwanda and under the authority of a godly, wise man, Archbishop Rwaje Onesephore. Since that message was sent out, we have more good news: Archbishop Rwaje has asked Bishops Terrell Glenn and Thad Barnum to give spiritual oversight to the churches from the Anglican Mission remaining in Rwanda, and they have agreed to do so.


At the same time, some of you are interested in finding out more specifics about how this might affect our future as a church – things such as how our relationships and partnerships in the Anglican Church in North America will be shaped by this and how All Saints will fulfill its commitment to remain under recognized spiritual authority within the greater Anglican Communion.


To that end we are offering the opportunity for a short congregational meeting after each service tomorrow, December 11.  We will communicate some of the basics about these events and then open it up for Q & A. The opportunity for group conversation tomorrow will be brief, and you may have more questions as time goes on. We will gladly address anything we can as this situation continues to unfold.


Otherwise. we are looking forward to a joyful Lord’s Day together! God bless and keep us all in his gracious care.


Steve Breedlove, Rector



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