Update about the Anglican Mission in America December 8, 2011

Dear All Saints Church family and friends,


I want to update you on the current events with All Saints and the Anglican Mission in America. Effective December 5, Bishop Chuck Murphy and all of the Bishops of the Anglican Mission (except Thad Barnum) resigned from their voluntary participation in and submission to the House of Bishops of the Province of Rwanda. As a result the Anglican Mission is no longer structurally connected with the Anglican Church of Rwanda and is currently detached from clear Anglican structures and systems. (Bishop Terrell Glenn had already resigned from the AMiA, and he remains fully seated as a bishop in the Church of Rwanda.)


While this may seem that All Saints is suddenly in limbo, in fact, we are not. Our clergy’s orders are held in the Church of Rwanda, and our church is seated in Rwanda, and we are not opting out of that relationship. As a church, we are solidly established within the Church of Rwanda and the greater Anglican Communion and intend to remain there through an orderly, prayerful process toward the future. Our bishop is actually Archbishop Rwaje Onesephore, until he creates other structures of oversight for the US churches.


Beyond that, we are grateful that our regional Apostles Mission Network is holding together tightly. The Regional Leaders of our network are committed to constant and faithful prayer, frequent group conversation and hard work to establish a path forward for our churches; and they have asked me, to participate with them in discerning and setting direction. As Regional Leaders, we are committed to working together to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace as well as our freedom to faithfully fulfill the mandate of our Lord to take the Gospel into the world and make disciples of the nations.  We are convinced that God is in control and is at work to bring us through this hard place to a place of faithful, united service for the Lord.

In conclusion, I want you to know that there will be positive and clear direction from Archbishop Rwaje soon. In the meantime, we are able to continue to serve Christ and his Gospel through godly bishops and leaders.


We will keep you abreast of any decisions that are made as we become aware of them. In the meantime, if you want to talk about this in more detail, please feel free to bring your questions to Thomas Kortus, the members of the vestry or me. We’ll do our best to answer them!


We need and covet your prayers as a church and as a network. Pray that we will follow the Spirit’s leading closely, serve the Lord in a way that mirrors the character of Christ and maintain unity with our brothers and sisters in Christ’s church. Pray particularly that the gifts of reconciliation and redemption so strongly visible in the Church of Rwanda will be ours in full measure, and that nothing will hinder or divert us from our mission of proclaiming Christ. May the Lord gain great glory as we follow and serve him!


On behalf of our staff and vestry, I am yours in Christ,



Steve Breedlove, Rector


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