Light and Darkness Day 6

Friday, Dec. 2:

AM Psalm 16, 17; PM Psalm 22; Amos 5:1-17;
Jude 1-16; Matt. 22:1-14

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

“The Coming of Jesus into our Midst”

When early Christianity spoke of the return of the Lord Jesus, they thought
of a great day of judgment. Even though this thought may appear to us
to be so unlike Christmas, it is original Christianity and to be taken extremely
seriously. When we hear Jesus knocking, our conscience first of all pricks us:
Are we rightly prepared? Is our heart capable of becoming God’s dwelling place?
Thus Advent becomes a time of self-examination. “Put the desires of your heart

in order, O human beings!” as the old song sings:

Our whole life is an Advent, a time of waiting for the ultimate,
for the time when there will be a new heaven and a new earth,
when all people will be brothers and sisters.

It is very remarkable that we face the thought that God is coming so calmly,
whereas previously peoples trembled at the day of God, whereas the world fell
into trembling when Jesus Christ walked over the earth. That is why we find it
so strange when we see the marks of God in the world so often together with
the marks of human suffering, with the marks of the cross on Golgotha.

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