Light and Darkness Day 3

Tuesday, Nov. 29:

AM Psalm 5, 6; PM Psalm 10, 11; Amos 3:1-11;

2 Pet. 1:12-21; Matt. 21:12-22

“The Coming of the Light”,
Sourcebook, 1996, Liturgy Training Publishing

Christmas celebrates the dawn of the Light of the World. The powers of
darkness are overcome by his coming to share our life. The long reign of sin
is ended and grace has been poured out upon the earth. The Sun of Justice has
arisen, and evil is vanquished.”

Perhaps the hardest thing to remember about Christmas is this. “It celebrates
the incarnation, not just the nativity. The incarnation is an on-going process of
salvation, while the nativity is the once-for-all-historical event of Bethlehem.
We do not really celebrate Christ’s ‘birthday,’ remembering something that
happened long ago. We celebrate the stupendous fact of the incarnation, God
entering our world so thoroughly that nothing has been the same since. And
God continues to take flesh in our midst, in the men and women and children
who form his body today. And the birth we celebrate is not just the past historical event but Christ’s continuing birth in his members, accomplished by the power of the Spirit through the waters of baptism.
“…What we celebrate is our redemption in Christ and the transformation of all
creation by the presence of the divine in our midst.”

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