Barbara’s story of growth @ ASC

All Saints Church is celebrating its 6 Year Anniversary tomorrow and to celebrate we asked a few members to share their stories of growth at the church.

Praise God for planting such a beautiful and vibrant church and for touching so many lives with his empowering presence!

Remember that this coming Sunday is also All Saints Sunday as well as Pledge Sunday! Remember to bring your pledge cards and come ready to praise the God whose greatness shines throughout creation and especially brightly through the saints. 

Barbara reflects on her experience at All Saints:

“The mission of All Saints is to become disciples and make disciples of Jesus Christ – full fledged, growing followers of our Savior!”  I copied this from our church website because if I can say one thing about my life as a Christian since coming to All Saints Church, this is it.  And it’s not what I expected.

Barbara and her puppy

Before coming to ASC, I was on a God-directed journey the purpose of which, apparently, was to strip me of my notions of what church and worship had to look like.  I say apparently because at the time I thought I was doing and thinking things that were pleasing to God.  Very settled and happy in my well-constructed comfort zone, thank you very much!  That’s not to say the Lord wasn’t frequently stretching me and moving me out of my “safe places” as a Christian, but all that stretching was still within a larger framework of comfortable and familiar things, people, relationships and church/denomination.

Much prayer and discernment preceded my hearing the call to trade the familiar for the unknown.  Part of that call came in the form of the verse from Hebrews 11 having to do with Abraham’s call to set out not knowing where he was going.    There were many, many months without a church home, church family, familiar liturgical worship and the Eucharist.  Every Sunday began with the question, “Where am I going to go to church today?”   While this may not sound like a typical God-directed journey, he was very clearly at work and was stripping away my worship of the idols of “what-church-should-look-like” and replacing that with Himself.

Through a long chain of events (another story, another time) several of us from the Wake County area ended up at All Saints.  There was much prayer and discussion that preceded this decision, questions to address, not the least of which was the fact that we were outside our geographical area and had quite a distance to travel for our involvement.  There were financial costs as well as relational costs to be considered.  Personally, I felt strongly the Lord was sending me to this church as my service to him, so off I went.

The adjustment was difficult, painful and slow at times, but eventually this body of believers became familiar and I found the niche God had carved out for me on the prayer team.  The interesting thing was that I failed to remember what an awesome God I serve and how impossible it is to know what to expect when we follow our Lord.  The full verse from Hebrews (my “calling-out verse”) is this:  “By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to a place that he was to receive as an inheritance. And he went out, not knowing where he was going.”  Do you see that word, inheritance?  That’s the part I overlooked and that’s where God surprised me.  The inheritance he had planned for me was (and is) to come to know what life as a disciple of Christ looks like, how it is lived out.  The growth I have experienced, the ways God has stretched me so far beyond any remnants of any comfort zone I ever thought I held onto, the depths of experiencing the awesome love and power of the Lord in prayer and ministry —- it simply blows my mind!  Thanks be to God for his love, for the transforming power of his Spirit and for this wild ride that is the life of a follower and disciple of Jesus!  And thanks be to God for the clergy and staff of this church who boldly and consistently proclaim the Gospel of Jesus in humility, true servanthood and true discipleship.

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One response to “Barbara’s story of growth @ ASC

  1. Steven A Breedlove

    Thank YOU, Barbara, for being such an important part of my life and the life of All Saints. Indeed you are one of the people we prayed for from the beginning, before we knew your name! God’s answers to prayer are indeed “beyond all that we can ask or think!”

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