Great News from Patrick and Julie Kelly!

This past Sunday, October 16th, All Saints got the opportunity to pray for Patrick, Julie and Cecilia Kelly in person during the Prayers of the People at the second service. It was a joy to have the Kelly’s worshipping with us and a powerful experience of bearing their burdens as Patrick is being treated for brian cancer. The very next day the Kelly’s got some pretty miraculous news. Below is Julie’s blog post regarding their great news! Praise God!

Good News!

We just heard from Patrick’s oncologist, who was able to read his MRI scans from last Thursday, that, according to the scans, the “area of enhancement” (ie: the cancer) no longer shows up on his scans! We’re kind of in shock, not wanting to get our hopes up too quickly, but according to the scan, the cancer is gone. Yay! (Okay, let’s be honest, it’s a BIG YAY!)He is going to go through one more round of chemo, beginning this Friday, and then there will be another round of tests (a Petscan and MRI) on Thursday, November 10th. At that point, his medical team will assess what to do next. They may say he’s “good to go” and that no more treatment is necessary, or they’ll have him do a couple more rounds of chemo to make sure the cancer cells are all gone. We don’t think radiation is still on the table, but we’ll know for sure on the 10th.

Thank you for your continual prayers and support! The large multitude of prayers from around the world on Patrick’s behalf are (obviously) being heard and answered!

Please continue to pray that this 3-week chemo cycle will annihilate any remaining cancer cells and that the scans on 11/10 will clearly indicate that he is cancer free!

Feeling (a bit more) hopeful,

To follow the Kelly’s journey you can read their blog by clicking HERE.

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