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If you want to know when the blog is updated, but you don’t want to check back all the time, here are three easy options:

1.) THE EASY WAY – In the column to the left of this post, there is a button that says, “Subscribe via Email!”  Click it, follow the directions, and soon you’ll be set to receive updates (and even comments!) via email.

1a.) Some people have been having issues with using WordPress’ built-in email service (Option 1).  If this is you, you can use an outside service like Feed My Inbox.  To use that particular service, click this link to their site, enter “” in the top box and then your email address in the bottom box.  No account creation is necessary and there is no cost.  They will send a confirmation email to the address you provide, which you can click through, and you’ll be signed up within a couple minutes.

2.) Add us to your RSS feed reader.  A feed reader automatically receives the articles as they are published, and if you read a bunch of blogs, it’s the easiest way to keep track of them all.  The most popular reader is likely Google Reader.  To access it, just click here and Google will tell you what to do.  Once you’re set up, just click this button: Add to Google.  (If you’re using a different feed reader, the RSS feed address is

And thanks for your subscription!

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