A Word About Operation Christmas Child

Sacrament, noun: an outward and visible sign of inward and spiritual divine grace

We use this word, sacrament, frequently here at All Saints.  It’s a word that helps us to view correctly things such as the bread and wine of Eucharist, the crosses anointed on our foreheads during prayer, the knees bent in submission during the Confession, and the joy-filled handshakes and hugs at the Peace.  But it is a word that extends beyond the walls of our church, and with Operation Christmas Child it can extend across the continent and ocean.

By filling a shoebox with simple things like small toys, candy, hygiene products, and crayons, a gesture of God’s goodness and grace is extended to a child in need.   These inexpensive, common items can somehow begin to communicate the inexplicable treasures found in Christ.

Please join us by participating in Operation Christmas Child this year.  Boxes and packing information can be found in the narthex at church or you can find out more by visiting Samaritan’s Purse .  Our collection date here at All Saints is Sunday, October 23, so grab a shoebox and start packing!

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