Pat and Sherry May’s Story

Greetings to all of our brothers and sisters at ASC. I’m from Lumberton, NC, a (used to be) small town southeast of Durham. My wife Sherry, was born in Maine, but was raised in Rock Hill, SC. We met in Rock Hill while I was serving as a US Navy recruiter, and she is by far my greatest and best recruit! Sherry and I have been married for 11 years and have 4 children: Julie, 10; Jimmy, 9; Jenna, 5; and Johnny, (almost) 3. They are a joy and blessing to have, and we find raising them to be the greatest responsibility God has given us. Sherry and I love hanging out and still “date” each other (we’d go insane if we didn’t). We also love to take our kids to the park and (this may sound weird) we love to take a ride in the mountains in our minivan!

Though Sherry would like to get back into administrative work, she is currently a stay at home mom, while I work for Facilities Management at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest. I am also a student at the College at Southeastern, the undergraduate school of Southeastern Seminary (Yes, College at Southeastern is the ACTUAL name; I know, it’s a strange name for a College). After receiving 4 years of theological education mixed with history and philosophy, I am set to graduate this December!

You’re probably wondering how a former Baptist like me ended up becoming Anglican. I was raised by a Southern Baptist minister and up until about two years ago, held strong Baptist convictions, even served as a pastor in a couple of Baptist churches. However, God has opened my eyes to the connection that Anglicanism has to the early church and to the Church Fathers, and now I really “taste and see that the Lord is good.”

I have 3 passions that consume my life (besides my family): our Lord Jesus, his church, and college football. I am thankful to Christ for his sacrifice and victorious resurrection whereby he has called me out of darkness and into his marvelous light. I believe he has put me on this earth to serve the church (in fact, I currently consider myself in the early, early stages of discernment for ordination into the diaconate) and to love those whom Christ has put in my life. Without college football, I think I would just shrivel up and die. Yet, the greatest game in the world still exists, and I’m thankful. I am a Michigan fan; Go Blue! I hope and pray that one day they will come and play UNC, Duke, NC State, ECU, or even Appalachian State! If you’re curious about anything which I have written, just come and ask me. I may be big, but I’m gentle. Promise. Oh, and I love pie.


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2 responses to “Pat and Sherry May’s Story

  1. Thanks for the into. Do you live in WF? we are in Rolesville. 242 Group?
    919 757 2975

  2. Steven A Breedlove

    Pat May — great last few sentences to conclude a great story. I concur, but the way: he’s big but he’s gentle. Praise God for Pat & Sherry and the kids.


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