The Shame Exchange by Steve & Sally Breedlove and Ralph & Jennifer Ennis

The problem of shame is real. Things people say, things people do, the systems of our families and cultures – that’s just the beginning of the problem. Add to it things we have done, just who we feel that we are in the secret places in our souls – shame heaps up and eats away at our souls. The result? Shame becomes our personal world view. It damages our sense of identity, our view of life and our ability to relate in love to others. The Shame Exchange (185pp.) faces the problem of shame head-on. This book will help you understand the origins of shame, and it will help expose the unhelpful ways we deal with shame’s power. But more than just diagnosing the problem The Shame Exchange gives a Biblical perspective on how you can face shame and through it discover a door into the deep mercy and love of God that leads to freedom.

“I began reading “The Shame Exchange” over a month ago, thinking I would enjoy an evening in an intellectual discussion that would further my understanding of shame biblically as well as how it contributes to any or all of the issues people seek prayer and counsel for. This objective approach soon turned very subjective for me as I realized that this was not a quick topical read that I could accomplish in an evening or two without an emotional involvement…a very personal emotional involvement. I was not far into the book before I knew I was into something I would have to become engaged in, like it or not. This slowed me down in my reading as I needed to find times when I could be more present to that which was being touched in my own heart. Having finished the book, I have not finished with the topic of shame in my life.

“I want to congratulate you for making a significant contribution to the Church and the helping community with your book. Your book has given me a deeper understanding of shame biblically as well as its part in the issues we seek help with through prayer and counseling. I believe that personally I have opened up some areas that with perseverance will further my own transformation and bring more joy to my relationship with Christ. My hope and prayer is that many others will encounter their shame through your work and come into greater freedom and love.”

Counselor and spiritual director

Join Steve and Sally Breedlove and Ralph and Jennifer Ennis as they draw the distinctions between heaped-on shame and identity-level shame. Listen to the stories of people laboring to be free. Look at seven different ways we avoid facing the shame that taints our souls. Discover how shame can actually become the door to deeper intimacy with God, spiritual transformation and ultimate healing for our hearts.

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