Meet one of All Saints Church’s Interns!

All Saints Church is blessed to have two interns this academic school year. Eric Meckley and Zac Koons will be doing ministry and learning from our staff, clergy and you between now and the end of May. We are grateful for these men and their eagerness to serve the church and learn and grow as disciples of Jesus. Please pray for them and introduce yourselves to them! We are blessed as a church to have so many Duke Divinity students who attend and serve in our church. The current count is over twenty men and women who call All Saints home and are studying at Duke Divinity.

Today I want to let  Zac introduce himself to you and in the next few days Eric will be doing the same.

So meet Zac Koons:

I’m from Arkansas, which I generally think is a pretty good place to be from, although I haven’t always felt that way. I like it because I’ve found that being from Arkansas doesn’t come with a lot of cultural assumptions. And, it turns out, not a whole lot of other people are from there. I am the oldest child in a big, complicated, ever-expanding family, which is made up of exclusively awesome people.

I mostly think about 4 things: the church, my wife, Arsenal Football Club, and Ryan Adams. I will tell you a little about each. The Church: I was born into the Plymouth Brethren tradition, migrated to the non-denominational Bible-church world, and have now, since college, found a happy home in Anglicanism. I have wanted to be a pastor since I was 18 (now 24), and that call has brought me through 4 years of theological study in undergrad, to where I am now, Duke Divinity School, where I am in my third (and last!) year. Over those 6 years, I have become increasingly convinced that the church is the reason God has put me on this earth, and I am now joyfully discerning this call to priestly ordination in the Anglican Mission.

As of May 14th 2011, I am a very happily married man. Anna and I met during our senior year at Wheaton College, and have pretty much been best friends ever since. We really enjoy cooking together, and although Anna is definitely the Master Chef of the two of us, I like to think that I’m coachable. We love reading, and have a strict rule about only being addicted to one TV series at a time (Currently, Mad Men). Anna works as a research assistant at the Duke Center for Health Policy and Inequalities Research, and she enjoys it very much.

Arsenal Football Club is my favorite soccer team. They are based in north London and have an international reputation not simply for winning, but for playing beautifully. They remind me that life is not worth winning at unless you can smile and laugh as you live it. And Ryan Adams is my favorite singer/songwriter, and he is at his best with an acoustic guitar and harmonica, singing about North Carolina. He is a poet of the first class. Ryan reminds me that all of life is poetic, if only you slow down enough to notice it.

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