Anglican Worship Conference this November @ ASC

Worship Conference

 November 8-10, 2011 @ All Saints Church 

Click HERE for a special video invitation  from  Steve Breedlove

What is the message of the Gospel that is hard-wired into our Anglican liturgy, and how do we communicate it clearly and powerfully?  What are the means for spiritual transformation available through Anglican worship?  How is Anglican worship particularly tailored to include, and minister to, creative artists?  These and many other essential topics will be on the table at the upcoming conference entitled Anglican Worship: A Conversation on Liturgy, Formation, Mission & Art, November 8-10 at All Saints Church  in Durham, NC.  Join me, our church staff, Mark Galli, David Taylor, Dr. Lester Ruth, Dr. Sam Wells, Andy Piercy, and many others for this conference aimed at clergy, worship pastors and leaders, artists and those interested in ministering to artists.

Follow this link for more information and registration.

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