Small Groups at All Saints – Sign-up Today!

The mission of All Saints Church is to become and make disciples of Jesus- people who worship God in spirit and truth, who grow together in mutual love and ministry, and who bring the Gospel to our community in word and deed.

Small groups at All Saints, called 242 Groups, are essential in realizing this mission. 242 Groups are modeled on the description in Acts 2:42-47 of the rich community the early Christians shared. 242 Groups are small and interactive, promoting transparency and offering accountability. In 242 Groups we read and study the bible, and we learn together what God has done, is doing and will continue to do through Jesus Christ and the work of his Spirit. We pray together sharing the concerns and praises that arise as we journey with Christ in our every day lives. We serve each other and the wider community discovering and sharing the grace and love given to us by God in Jesus. In summary, 242 Groups are the vehicle for intentional discipleship at All Saints Church.

Groups meet on various days of the week at various times and meet from two to four times a month. Please take some time to give us your basic information as well as your expectations for a group. Please be as specific as you can regarding what you are looking for from a group. You will be assigned to a group that best fits your schedule and needs and the first few gatherings will consist of a discernment period. You are not bound to this group, but are encouraged to attend and discern if the group is a good fit for you (and your family). Most groups commit to meeting for 9-12 months and then reevaluate after this amount of time.

All Saints Church is in the midst of forming multiple new 242 Groups. Now is the time to sign up and get involved! To learn more visit the 242 Group page on our website.




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