The Story of ASC Plant: Holy Trinity – Chatham

Holy Trinity is a new All Saints church plant in Chatham County. On September 11 at our 10:15 service we’ll celebrate the story of God’s work in planting Holy Trinity and commission pRector David Hyman and his team. Please join us!  And remember – there’s no means of support more vital than your prayers! To become a Praying Friend of Holy Trinity simply email to recieve email updates with prayer requests. We’re confident our Lord will use the prayers and intercessions of His people to cover Holy Trinity  with blessing.

This coming Sunday, September 11th, All Saints will be commissioning our church plant – Holy Trinity – Chatham. Rev David Hyman was the Associate Rector at All Saints for about 6 years before being obedient to God’s leading to plant a church in Pittsboro

The Story of Holy Trinity – Chatham 

Back in 2006, a small group of Chatham County residents who were commuting to Durham to worship at All Saints Church began gathering regularly in our Chatham County homes to share life together as friends and fellow Christians. Over time, our group grew in numbers and in our conviction that God was calling us to break new ground to plant a biblical, liturgical, eucharistically-centered church in the Anglican tradition here, at home, in our community.

It is clear that place is important to God. We see in the very existence of Creation that he chose to localize his relationships and commitments in this world. In the Old Testament, Adam and Eve are given (and removed from) a garden, Abraham is promised a land for his descendants, and his people lament being exiled from the place where God’s presence dwelt – Jerusalem. In the New Testament, Christ is born, lives, heals, loves, dies, and rises in a place. His message of good news spreads to other places. In the future, he promises to return – to this place.

We love Chatham County for its natural beauty, the richness of its community, and all it has to offer us and our families. But we also have a sense that we’ve been called to live here – not just for our sake but for the sake of this place.

In saying that, we have collectively noticed a hunger in ourselves and in our neighbors for spiritual renewal – a kindling of our life and faith, for us and our families but also for our neighborhoods and our community here in Chatham.

Likewise, we have sensed a longing for a community whose worship is rooted in ancient traditions of the Church, where people are growing in genuine community, radical discipleship, dependent prayer, and committed mission. It is our sense that God is calling Holy Trinity into being, by his grace, to directly address these needs.

When Anglican scholar and author C.S. Lewis was asked if he was high church or low church, he replied, “No. I’m deep church.” The implication being that vibrant faithfulness trumps style. While we are unapologetically Anglican, we share Lewis’s heart in that we have dreamed of a deep church here in Chatham that is defined more for its characteristic faithfulness to our Lord than its modes of worship.

If this concept of deep church sounds interesting to you; if you connect with the hungers and longings mentioned here, if you’re curious to know more, we would say come. Come and see. Holy Trinity is made up of a group of people who are seeking to follow Christ faithfully in this place and we would love for you to join us on this journey.

We are currently in the active process of adding people to our launch team to shape identity, discern vision, and to build basic ministries of a new church. We will be worshiping and praying regularly to seek God in fulfilling this call. If you would like to know more, join us for worship, visit our website or contact Rev David Hyman, 919-631-9564.

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  1. I am near Seattle with the College of Bishops of the ACNA. I’m going to presenting your new church as the newest Anglican church on the road to 1000. Congrats…and God speed. (Loved the comment about deep church.)

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