Growing Into the Future: Hope and Change in the All Saints Staff Team

Sometimes it seems that God’s plan for our lives is a little like being given a ticket for a train that is headed for an incredible adventure.  The only challenge?  The train is already moving out of the station: Run, Forrest, RUN!

This spring, God’s good plan for All Saints has included two significant staff moves that have been brewing for some time; now, we find that they are suddenly upon us, and the domino effect is in full force.

Cindy Broderius is leaving staff after 2+ years as the administrative assistant for the church.  Cindy has been a Godsend for us.  Not only is she excellent in managing details, coordinating calendars and keeping the staff accountable for clarity for good decision-making and communication, she has been the first voice / smile that most people experience when they call or come to ASC.  She has brought passion and skill to the system of “greeting, meeting and connecting” people to our church.  More than all that, Cindy has been a true sister in Christ, someone who earnestly loves Jesus and sets an example of worship and prayer.

For years, Cindy has been aimed toward a new career in vocational counseling, building up steam to complete a master’s degree.  Having completed course work, now she is ready for internships and projects that will take almost all her time.  Thus, her tenure as All Saints’ administrative assistant ended May 27.

While it’s hard to see Cindy go, we are excited for her new career.  We are also excited that she is staying involved in our church and its ministry as the Connections Ministry Coordinator.  All of those special skills she brought to “meeting, greeting and connecting” will continue as she leads our ushers & greeters team, oversees the Welcome Center and manages all of the newcomer ministries.

Replacing CIndY will be CYndI . . . yes, you read it correctly.  Cyndi Whisnant comes to us with over 10 years experience as a church administrator, and with many excellent skills to build on what Cindy has done.  In addition to the role of a general administrator, Cyndi W will be managing our website and will eventually take over the production and distribution of the KNN (two jobs that David Hyman is passing off as a part of his own transition).  So please give CIndY a warm thank-you, and CYndI a warm welcome.

Speaking of David Hyman, you certainly know by now that Holy Trinity-Chatham County is on the verge of being launched, and David & Martha will soon be full-time with All Saints’ first daughter / sister church.  David’s faithful, Christ-honoring and effective service has been fundamental for the very life and presence of Christ at All Saints.  For almost 5 years, David has been a mainstay in spiritual leadership and ministry among us.  But during this time, God, in his providence, has seen fit to root the Hymans in Chatham and knit them together with others who live there, for the sake of now planting a church there.

As much as every one of us is going to miss David’s abundant gifts of pastoring and discipling others, we absolutely know this is where God is calling David and the rest of the HTC launch team.  As a church, we are honored that God would be so good as to give us the opportunity to participate in such a powerful expansion of the work of the Gospel in our area.  Folks, this is really the culmination of what we committed to doing from the beginning: becoming and making disciples, and in so doing, supporting and launching the work of the Gospel throughout our region.  Hallelujah – what a joyful, happy, healthy birth!  Keep David & Martha, and the rest of the ASC launch team (Owen & Donna Moss, David & Claire Hughes, Steve & Dorie Coil, Todd Granger & Jill Martin, Nick & Nancy Robinson) in your prayers.

David plans to bring a much fuller report of the wonderful work of God in Chatham County at our worship service on June 19.  As God gives continuing grace, we hope to culminate our efforts and prayers in a Commissioning Service for Holy Trinity – Chatham on September 11, anticipating the start of weekly Sunday morning worship in Pittsboro on September 18.

In the meantime, David’s soon departure is having a big impact on the rest of the staff team.  Communication ministries (website / KNN) are being passed to Cyndi Whisnant.  The scheduling of Lay Eucharistic Ministers is already handed off to Ben Bowman.  Oversight and support of 242 Groups, Pastoral Care and Adult Discipleship are quickly becoming Thomas Kortus’ primary ministries (along with overseeing local outreach and the Oak Creek Village initiatives).   Steve Breedlove will be taking over the development and primary teaching of the Essentials Class and Adult Baptism / Confirmation ministry.

You’ll notice that this signals a change for Thomas Kortus: as of June 1, he will no longer be our Youth Pastor but will serve as ASC’s Associate Rector.  And so we happily welcome Brad Acton, last year’s youth intern, as the Youth Minister.  Brad & Emily’s long-term involvement with our youth means this will be a very smooth transition, but we don’t want it to go unnoticed. We’ll be commissioning Brad & Emily at our worship service on June 5!

Whew!  When parents welcome a new baby into the home, there’s a major ripple effect of change – all good, but nevertheless very real.   Somehow I feel like we’re having triplets!

Indeed, we have much for which to be grateful:

  • David’s and Cindy’s faithful, life-changing ministries in the past – and the future that includes even more exciting ways to serve Christ.
  • Cyndi W’s strong skill-set and experience, and her love for Christ
  • Thomas’s future, and the way s he is already moving earnestly into leadership of new challenges
  • Brad & Emily’s love for youth, now materialized into a part-time staff position
  • Cindy B’s new, focused role
  • All of the growth-changes this is calling forth from the rest of us, as we streamline and strengthen our own efforts, pray for and see God raise up new leaders and work together to mature our systems.

Thank you all for your love, prayers, support, and patience during these exciting times.

Love in Christ,
Rector Steve Breedlove

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