A Thank You to All Saints

Dear All Saints Church Family,

Sunday night was a beautiful and exhilarating experience for me and my family. I was overwhelmed by the seriousness and responsibility of my calling and the vows that I spoke, but I was equally overwhelmed by the sense of God’s empowering presence in the midst of my response to God’s call. I was humbled by your love and support for me and my family as well. Thank you for participating in the service; for being friends; and for being brothers and sisters in Christ.

To preside at the table for the first time and offer the Eucharistic prayers was a highlight that I will not forget. Looking out at so many people whom and love and care so much for and asking the Lord to come and be present to us and offering him praise and thanksgiving on behalf of you was a joyful and sacred experience. Thank you for who you are to me and my family. I love All Saints Church and I have learned much from you about life, about who God is and how he works and about what true community looks like in Christ. I look forward to our relationships deepening and to faithfully and diligently serving you as a priest.

I pray that God will continued to be glorified and honored by our church and that Jesus would continue to be made known to our communities as a result of All Saints Church.

Yours in Christ,
Thomas Kortus

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