Advent Devotions Begin Today!!!

Our annual Advent Devotional guide is now online. We create a devotional every Advent to draw our communal prayers and Scripture readings together for these next four weeks. We’re especially excited about this year’s edition. Not only does it contain the Scripture readings from the Daily Office (and if you do it online, you can just click the link to the day’s Daily Office in ESV to the left of this page) for every day from the First Sunday of Advent through Christmas Day, it also contains personal reflections and Advent art from members of All Saints Church.

This year’s devotional focuses on 4 themes: Waiting, Repentance and Purity, Joy, and Light. The written reflections and original artwork interact with these themes.

As you journey through Advent, use this devotional as a way to direct and discipline your times of prayer, meditation, and Scripture reading.  Each day create some time to be be quiet, slow down and pray the collect for the week (printed in the bulletin on each Sunday or available by going here).  Then, read a psalm (designated by morning and evening). Read the Scriptures for the day. Then, read the personal reflection, noticing the images. Be attentive to the presence of God in your life.  Journal and pray in order to chew and digest well.

In this hurried season, this is a chance to choose to live differently. Take your time. Remember that others are taking this journey with you, and invite people you know into conversations about what God speaks through your time with this devotional. Know that God is indeed Emmanuel, God with us.

It is the prayer of the church staff and the many who have crafted reflections and art for this year’s edition that this devotional will bless you and our community.  We encourage you to make this guide your own – read it through your RSS feed reader on your laptop or smartphone everyday, send a friend toward a particular post, Facebook or Tweet phrases that strike a chord.

Or, if you know you’ll get distracted if you don’t read it on paper, download the 2010 All Saints Advent Devotional in its entirety.  Right click here and save the file to your computer.  (It’s a large file, so it might take a few moments.)

Many thanks to all of our contributors and especially to Lisa Harrington for her countless hours designing and laying out this year’s guide. For questions, please contact Rev David Hyman.

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