St. Clement of Rome

St. Clement’s works are among the earliest extant orthodox Christian texts outside the New Testament, and his own Letter to the Corinthian Church (now most often referred to as 1 Clement) was read in Christian churches alongside the books of the New Testament.  Along with a number of Christian teachers and leaders from this time period (the tradition remembers Clement being ordained by Peter and working alongside Paul), Clement is known as an Apostolic Father.

But I’ll let him speak for himself, from 1 Clement 24 (this translation):

Let us consider, dear friends, how the Master continually points out to us the coming resurrection of which he made the Lord Jesus Christ the firstfruit when he raised him from the dead.  Let us observe, dear friends, the resurrection that regularly occurs.  Day and night show us the resurrection: the night falls asleep, and day arises; the day departs, and night returns.  Let us take the crops: how and in what manner does the sowing take place?  “The sower went forth,” and cast into the earth each of the seeds.  These seeds, falling to the earth dry and bare, decay; but then out of their decay the majesty of the Master’s providence raises them up, and from the one seed grow and bear fruit.

Some more decent info on him is here, and you can read some of his works here.  But now, a prayer (“Of a Pastor,” BCP, p. 248):

Heavenly Father, Shepherd of your people, we thank you for your servant Clement, who was faithful in the care and nurture of your flock; and we pray that, following his example and the teaching of his holy life, we may by your grace grow into the stature of the fullness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.  Amen.

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